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an embodiment of the spirit of Colorado, with a warm smile and infectious energy. Kellie has held a private practice in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. There, she developed a comprehensive approach to healthy living. She continually explores new methods, research, and practices to expand her expertise. Her passion for learning keeps her at the forefront of advancements, ensuring you receive the most up-to-date and effective guidance.

In 2004, she started her career as a Biofeedback Technician. Kellie pursued extensive training to advance to Biofeedback Specialist by 2008. In 2013, she began incorporating near-infrared light therapy and added Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) therapy in 2018. She combines these methods to help you achieve health, happiness & success.

Kellie’s expertise in physical health extends beyond the basics. She delves into the details of nutrition, hormones, supplements, and more. She provides you with the information you need to design a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to optimize your diet, balance your hormones, or find a healthy skin routine, she’s got you covered.

Kellie understands the significance of mental health. She provides tools for conditions like anxiety, depression, and ADHD. She helps you overcome these challenges and cultivate mental well-being with effective strategies. This includes mental flexibility, the ability to change your perception to move out of a particular mindset or belief. Moving from feeling stuck to seeing the possibility and a path to success.

One often overlooked is energetic health. Kellie believes everything you do increases or depletes your energy. She helps you understand and address energy depletion. She provides practical techniques, allowing you to optimize your energy & vitality.

Kellie also specializes in energetically sensitive people. She understands your unique challenges in navigating the world. She offers strategies to harness your sensitivity as a strength. You learn to manage your energy and the energy around you to create stability in your life.

But Kellie’s approach doesn’t stop at health alone. Personal development is at the forefront of her efforts. Combining mental flexibility with goals and intentions is key to personal success. Everyone needs clear goals and an action plan. She teaches you to set meaningful goals and provides strategies to achieve them. This approach can ensure success in careers, relationships, or personal aspirations.

Kellie is a compassionate mentor and advocate committed to empowering you. Her comprehensive approach encompasses your physical and mental health while fostering personal development. Trust Kellie to guide you on a transformative journey toward greater health, happiness, and success.

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